Turbidity Standards

*Turbidity Standards

Water quality standards, and solutions are available in a wide variety of buffers, storage solutions, cleaning solutions, and standards including NIST-traceable reference materials; a calibration report from an ISO Guide 34 and ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for the highest accuracy available!

Environmental Express Oakton Turbidity Standards

Item No. Description
EE3563520 Turbidity Calibration Kit: 20,100,400,800 NTU Stds

GFS Chemicals Turbidity Standards

Item No. Description
EE0839103 Turbidity Primary Standard Solution, 1.0 NTU, 1 L
EE0839104 Turbidity Standard, 10.0 NTU, 1-L bottle
EE0839105 Turbidity Standard, 40.0 NTU, 1-L bottle
EE0839108 Turbidity Primary Standard Solution, 0.2 NTU, 1 L
EE0839109 Turbidity Primary Standard Solution, 0.5 NTU, 1 L

Hach Turbidity Standards

Item No. Description
EE9951120 StablCal ampule calibration kit for the 2100Q
EE9951121 Hach Turbidity Verification Standard, 10 NTU
EE9951250 HACH 26621-05 Calibration Ampule Set
EE9951252 HACH 26595-05 Calibration Ampule Set
EE9951254 Hach StablCal <0.1 NTU Turbidity Standard, 500-mL
EE9951256 Hach StablCal 20 NTU Turbidity Standard, 500-mL
EE9951258 Hach StablCal 200 NTU Turbidity Standard, 500-mL
EE9951260 Hach StablCal 800 NTU Turbidity Standard, 500-mL
EE9951262 Hach StablCal 1000 NTU Turbidity Standard, 500-mL
EE9990033 ProCal Primary Standard Kit for 1720 Turbidimeter
EE9990034 ProCal 1720 Turbidity Standard, 0.0 NTU; 1-L
EE9990035 ProCal 1720 Turbidity Standard, 1.0 NTU; 1-L
EE9990036 ProCal 1720 Turbidity Standard, 20 NTU; 1-L
EE9990037 ProCal 2100N Turbidity Standard Kit