Conductivity Probes

*Conductivity Probes

Conductivity electrodes work with conductivity meters to measure the electrical conductivity in a solution. The conductivity cell surface is usually platinum, titanium, gold-plated nickel, or graphite. When choosing conductivity cells keep in mind the cell constant, body material, electrode material, ATC element, fitting, cell type, and temperature range.

Environmental Express Oakton Probes

Item No. Description
EE3541210 Oakton 4-Cell Cond Probe, Graphite Bullseye, 8-pin DIN
EE3560655 Oakton CON/Temp Probe, 6 and 6+ Series Meter, K=1.0
EE3560850 Conductivity Probe, Epoxy, K=12.5-ft (D3560850)
EE3560851 Oakton Pt-Cell Conductivity Probe, K=10.0
EE3560855 Oakton Pt-Cell Conductivity Probe, K=0.1
EE3560874 Oakton SS 2-Cell Conductivity Probe, K=1.0;2.5-ft Cbl
EE3566058 EE Oakton EC200 Conductivity Cell, K=1; 1m Cable

Thermo Orion Probes

Item No. Description
EE1970470 Orion Conductivity 4-Cell Minidin, 1.5M