Ion Selective Electrodes

*Ion Selective Electrodes

Ion-selective electrodes (ISE) are pH laboratory electrodes that determine the concentration of specific ions. Choose from cost-effective ion-selective electrodes and solutions to combination ion-selective electrodes featuring both half-cell and reference cell in one electrode. To get the most out of your electrodes, rinse between samples with distilled or deionized water and gently blot with a lab wipe. Never wipe. Do not store electrodes in distilled or deionized water.

Environmental Express Oakton ISE Electrodes - Epoxy Body

Item No. Description
EE2750400 Oakton Combination Ammonium (NH4+) ISE Probe
EE2750402 Oakton Combination Bromide ISE Probe
EE2750404 Oakton Combination Cadmium ISE Probe
EE2750406 Oakton Combination Calcium ISE Probe
EE2750408 Oakton Chloride ISE Probe
EE2750410 Oakton Combination Copper ISE Probe
EE2750412 Oakton Combination Cyanide ISE Probe
EE2750414 Oakton Fluoride ISE Probe
EE2750418 Oakton Combination Iodide (I) ISE Probe
EE2750420 Oakton Combination Lead (Pb+2) ISE Probe
EE2750422 Oakton Combination Nitrate ISE Probe
EE2750424 Oakton Perchlorate ISE Probe
EE2750426 Oakton Combination Potassium ISE Probe
EE2750428 Oakton Silver/Sulfide ISE Probe
EE2750430 Oakton Combination Sodium ISE Probe
EE2750432 Oakton Surfactant ISE Probe
EE2750434 Oakton Water Hardness ISE Probe
EE3580200 ISE Electrode for EPA Method 340.3, Ammonia
EE3581212 Oakton Chloride Ion-Selective Electrode
EE3581216 Oakton Cyanide Ion-Selective Electrode