Ion Selective Portable Meters

*Ion Selective Portable Meters

Ion selective meters measure the water quality parameters critical to many laboratory, industrial, chemical, and processing applications. Whether you are performing water analysis in the lab or field, we have the ISE meter to meet your needs. Pocket-sized testers are an economical alternative for routine measurements. Handheld portable meters are ideal for field, manufacturing floor, and lab. Benchtop meters are the choice for high-accuracy measurements on the lab bench. Specialty pH/mV meters plus ISE electrodes and ISFET electrodes handle specific ion applications or harsh environments. 

Environmental Express - Oakton 200 Portables Brochure

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Environmental Express Oakton Portable Meters

Item No. Description
EE3541820 pH 620 Portable pH/ISE Meter w/ Electrode
EE3541890 Oakton pH 620 Portable pH/ISE Kit
EE3561380 Oakton Ion 6+ Handheld Meter, ATC Probe
EE3561382 Oakton Ion 6+ Handheld Meter w/ATC Probe, Case, Solns
EE3561383 Oakton Ion 6+ Handheld Meter Kit, NIST-Traceable Cal.