pH Probes and Electrodes

*pH Probes and Electrodes

We offer a wide variety of pH probes and electrodes for your specific application including general and field-rugged electrodes.

Environmental Express Oakton ATC Probes

Item No. Description
EE3561805 Oakton ATC Probe for 150-, 300-, 450-series meters

Environmental Express Oakton Double-Junction Probes

Item No. Description
EE0599202 Oakton pH Electrode, Double-Junction 3ft Cable,EA
EE2700181 Oakton Submersible 3' L pH Probe
EE3564151 Oakton pH Electrode, Epoxy, DJ, Gel-fill, 12mm OD, BNC
EE3566054 EE Oakton PH200 Elect. ATC, DJ, Plas. Body; 1m Cable
EE3566056 EE Oakton PH200 Elect. ATC, DJ, Plas. Body; 2m Cable
EE3580402 Oakton Sealed/DJ/Epoxy/Direct Connect pH Probe
EE3580501 Oakton Sealed/DJ/Epoxy/3 ft Cable pH Probe
EE3580504 Oakton Refillable/DJ/Glass/3ft Cable pH Probe
EE3580509 Oakton Refillable PTFE DJ/Epoxy/BNC pH Probe
EE3580518 Oakton Sealed/DJ/Glass/Spear-Tip/3 ft Cable pH Probe
EE3580872 Oakton DJ Gel-Filled Epoxy pH/ATC Probe
EE3581172 Oakton All-in-One Double-Junction pH/ATC Epoxy Probe
EE3581174 Oakton All-in-One DJ/Glass pH/ATC Probe
EE5900170 Oakton pH Electrode, Combination, DJ, Gel Filled, EA

Environmental Express Oakton Single-Junction Probes

Item No. Description
EE0599065 Oakton BNC/Epoxy pH Electrode, General Purpose
EE3580400 Oakton Sealed/SJ/Epoxy/Direct Connect pH Probe
EE3580505 Oakton Sealed/SJ/ Epoxy/High pH Na/3ft cable, pH Probe
EE3580871 Oakton SJ Gel-Filled Epoxy pH/ATC Probe
EE3581171 Oakton All-in-one Single-Junction pH/ATC Epoxy Probe