ORP Pocket Testers

*ORP Pocket Testers

Ideal for checking sanitizing solutions, chromate reduction, cyanide oxidation, and other ORP readings.

The pocket-sized Oakton ORPTestr® 5 has a replaceable single-junction sensor which can be easily switched out, allowing you to save money by using the tester body over and over again. A large LCD makes viewing measurements easy and features a three-color backlight indicating operational mode-blue for measurement, green for calibration and red for alarm condition. It is ideal for checking dirty water, heavy metals, sulfides, and organic materials.

The Oakton ORPTestr® 50 features a replaceable double-junction platinum electrode. Valox® electrode body resists most chemicals. Use these versatile instruments for applications ranging from swimming pool testing to pulp bleaching. Meter features 2 mV accuracy and a ±200 mV offset. Housing allows you to attach a lanyard (included) for easy retrieval. Additional features include a hold function, auto-off function, self-diagnostic error messages, and a three-segment battery-life indicator.

Environmental Express Oakton Pocket Testers

Item No. Description
EE3563445 Oakton ORPTestr® 50 Waterproof Pocket ORP Tester
EE3563454 Oakton ORPTestr® 5 Waterproof Pocket Tester