Micro Balances

*Micro Balances

Micro balances are used in a wide array of applications where small levels in weight variation can make a big difference. These instruments are often found in product testing and quality assurance labs, to ensure that exacting production standards are being met. Laboratory researchers use micro balances for checking uniformity in critical components. Micro balances are capable of making a precise measurement of weight of an object of relatively small mass, in the order of a million parts of a gram. In comparison, a standard analytical balance is 100 times less sensitive. Environmental conditions can cause weighing variation, if the load cell of a micro balance is disturbed, either by sample loading or an environmental disturbance, the instrument will need to settle completely before accurate measurements can be taken. Therefore, a vibration isolation system's settling time is a key criterion affecting the throughput of these instruments. In addition micro balances are also very sensitive to exposure to air currents, dust, and thermal fluctuation. For this reason, micro balances should be placed in a hood or enclosure when in use. For more information about selecting the right micro balance contact an Application Specialist today.

Item No. Description
EE1010023 Micro Balance - Symmetry UMA-T-2, 2g x 0.1µg
EE1010024 Micro Balance - Symmetry MA-T-2, 2g x 1µg
EE1010025 Micro Balance - Symmetry MA-T-5, 5g x 1µg
EE1010026 Micro Balance - Symmetry MA-T-5.F, 5gx1µg, For Filters
EE1010027 Micro Balance - Symmetry MA-T-11, 11g x 1µg
EE1010028 Micro Balance - Symmetry MA-T-21, 21g x 1µg
EE1010029 Micro Bal - Symmetry MA-T-21.P, 21gx1µg, For Pipettes
EE1010200 Semi-Micro Balance w/TS,82g/220gx0.01mg/0.1mg,IC