Washed and Dried Filters

*Washed and Dried Filters

Prefer to do your own weighing? Try our Washed and Dried Filters.

These laser cut 1.5µm binderless glass fiber filters are prepared according to specifications outlined Standard Methods 2540C (full) and 2540D/E (through the drying step only). Filters are:

  • Washed 3 times in deionized water
  • Dried at 103 - 105°C (or ignited at 550°C for 15 minutes for Volatiles)

Filters can be used for filtering Total Dissolved Solids right out of the box. Filters are ready for Total Suspended Solids after you complete the weighing procedure. They come to you conveniently packaged in snap-cap tube of 100 filters. Aluminum pans are sold separately.

ProWeigh Filter for Solids Testing

Washed and Dried Filters for TSS

Item No. Description
F924110MM Filters for TSS, 110mm, Washed & Dried Only, 100pk
F924125MM Filters for TSS, 125mm, Washed & Dried Only, 100pk
F92424MM Filters for TSS, 24mm, Washed & Dried Only, 100pk
F92432MM Filters for TSS, 32mm, Washed & Dried Only, 100pk
F92434MM Filters for TSS, 34mm, Washed & Dried Only, 100pk
F92443MM Filters for TSS, 43mm, Washed & Dried Only, 100pk
F92447MM Filters for TSS, 47mm, Washed & Dried Only, 100pk
F92455MM Filters for TSS, 55mm, Washed & Dried Only, 100pk
F92470MM Filters for TSS, 70mm, Washed & Dried Only, 100pk
F92490MM Filters for TSS, 90mm, Washed & Dried Only, 100pk

Washed and Dried Filters for VSS

Item No. Description
F924110VOL Filters for Volatiles, 110mm,Washed & Dried Only,100pk
F92432VOL Filters for Volatiles, 32mm, Washed & Dried Only,100pk
F92447VOL Filters for Volatiles, 47mm, Washed & Dried Only,100pk
F92490VOL Filters for Volatiles, 90mm, Washed & Dried Only,100pk


How large is the pack of 100 filters? This question is for item# F92447MM.

This item comes in a container that is approximately 4.5\"x3.5\"x1.75\".

Do these filters (f92490vol) need to be furnace fired before use for volatile solids testing?

You do not need to put these through the volatile oven prior to using them. All filters with a part number ending in ‘VOL’ have already had that step preformed prior to the weighing step.

Do you have a recommendation for a funnel which can be used with your 90mm Proweigh filters (PN F92490MM)?

We have a 90mm polypropylene Buchner funnel. The part number is EE0612804.

Are these filters considered to be

These filters are “pre-prepared”. They have been washed with three successive 20 mL portions of reagent-grade water and then ignited at 550 C for 15 minutes. We do not provide COAs for these filters.

what is the difference between this product and the F92490MM. Have the VOL filters been dried at 550C?

You are correct, the part numbers ending in MM have gone through the washing, drying, weighing procedure as required to prepare the filters for suspended solids analysis. The part numbers ending in VOL have had the additional step of being ignited at 550°C in the process.

Can these filters also be used for VSS as long as we dry them in the 550C oven first? We have been using the F92447VOL filters.

Yes, these filters are appropriate for use in VSS analysis. You will have to put them through your volatile oven prior to using them. We do offer washed and dried filters for volatiles that have already been put in the volatile oven. This is part number F92447VOL.

Dear, are these filters individually wrapped/packed to maintain the dryness, or is it still necessary to dry these filters before usage? Thanks, Arnoud Alexander

No, these filters are not individually wrapped. For best performance we recommend placing the filters in a drying oven for an hour and then storing in a dessicator. This will ensure that the true initial weight is recorded.

How can I get a certificate of analysis for TSS filters? F92447MM

There is no certificate of analysis for this particular product as it is only a washed and dried glass fiber filter.

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