Is the bottom perforated or closed?

This is a solid crucible.

Approximately how much do the crucibles weigh?

Between 50 and 60 grams each.

Approximately how much do the crucibles weigh?

Between 90 and 100 grams each

max temperature

Porcelain crucibles are safe up to 1,000°C.

Do you have the weight of this unit in grams

It has an approximate mass of 190 g.

upto how much temperature we can heat using this type of crucible. I have a sample to heat up to 200 degree celcius.

Porcelain crucibles have a maximum operating temperature of 1150°C. You can use them to heat up your 200°C sample.

is this item in stock?

We dropship this item from our vendor. It usually ships within 7 days. Have you heard of our revolutionary alternative for crucibles in TDS testing? The StableWeigh vessels are lightweight, disposable, and are ready to use right out of the box. They are preconditioned and preweighed with the weight and lot number printed on the vessel.

Item EE1780408 - I would like to know the max. working temperature. Thanks Igor

These crucibles have a limit of use temperature of 1150°C

I am having a terrible time achieving constant weight on these crucibles. I read your data sheet that says to allow the same amount of cooling time every time you weigh and this is not working.

This is the major issue that most analysts have using the crucibles for solids testing. Porcelain being a porous material, readily absorbs water from the atmosphere. It also holds heat very well. Both of these characteristics make for long desiccation/cooling times and instability and inconsistency in weighing. We suggest the same amount of cooling time for the crucibles to account for the heat retention properties of porcelain. You may want to try a longer cooling time to see if that helps. However, we have developed an alternative apparatus for use in solids testing. Our StableWeigh vessels eliminate the issues faced with traditional crucibles. They are lighter, disposable, cool within 15 minutes, and very consistent between weights. You can find them on our website at the following link: http://www.envexp.com/products/1-Wet_Chemistry/PW-Solids_Testing/TDSSW-StableWeigh_for_TDS.

Do you have crucible tray with a handle and the tray must fit the 100-mL beakers?

We do not sell a crucible tray with a handle.

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