Do you recommend using gloves when handling the vessels?

Appropriate gloves are an essential part of conducting any laboratory analysis. You should always wear gloves to protect yourself from unknown contaminants in the samples you are handling.

Hi there! Just wanted to get some pricing information on what we would need and the cost to try these out? Thank you for your time!

The start-up kits, TDS222 and TDS333, contain the recommended accessories to perform the analysis with the StableWeigh product. Of those items only the StableWeigh vessel and a static control device are absolutely necessary. The other items are for ease of use when working with the product. For pricing, please contact your sales rep to get a quote. If you don\'t know who your sales rep is please consult the map on this page - http://www.envexp.com/blog/108-sales-territory

Is this product suitable for use with ASTM D1739 - 98?

We are not familiar with that method and have not done any testing of this product with it.

Where can I find a printout of the weights? Normally it is in the box, but this time it wasn\'t. Thank you.

We no longer include a printed out list of the weights in the box. We plan to have a downloadable sheet in the future but it is not yet available.

where do I find certificate of analysis regarding TDS Vessels.

This product does not have a certificate of analysis.

We are accredited for SM2540-2011. Are these vessel approved for use with this version of SM?

The EPA approves methods based on the chemistry contained within, not the equipment that is used. While the method specifically state to use evaporation dishes of porcelain, high silica glass, or platinum; laboratories are free to use other materials. You must perform a duplicate QC analysis with the listed equipment and the alternative equipment. Keep this data on file. There are other documents found on this page (http://www.envexp.com/products/1-Wet_Chemistry/PW-Solids_Testing/TDSSW-StableWeigh_for_TDS) that will help with any other requirements.

Are the StableWeigh TDS vessels recyclable?

We have not put a recycling code on this product. It does contain a fluoropolymer, so it would be a category 7 at best. Check with your local recycling center for more guidance.

Are the plastic bags recyclable?

We have not put a recycling code on this product. It does contain a fluoropolymer, so it would be a category 7 at best. Check with your local recycling center for more guidance.

The StableWeigh TDS Vessel are double weigh until constant weight is reach?

Standard Methods does not require replicate weights to obtain the initial tare weight of the evaporating vessel. It only requires replicate weights on initial weights for filters for TSS and on the final dry weight for all residue analyses.

We have the first generation vaccuum bell- will it hold the bigger bags?

The StableWeigh vessels haven’t changed size so they should fit in your filling station.

What is the maxium volume that can be used?

The vessel can hold approximately 300 mL of liquid.

What\'s the capacity (mL) of these vessels?

The StableWeigh vessels can hold about 300 milliliters.

I notice the ASTM D5907 is the only method listed under method compliant. Are these also compliant with SM2540C? Thanks.

Currently, StableWeigh is only method compliant with the ASTM D5907 method. There is an update coming very soon to SM2540 which will specifically allow for our vessels to be used. The method update will actually mention StableWeigh by name.

what type/model of steam bath can be used? And how to do keep them straight up after filtration?

Any type/model of steam bath can be used to evaporate the samples to dryness. The method allows for you to use an oven to evaporate the samples as well. We recommend the temperature to be set between 103-105 C. Our filling stations support the vessel during filtration. They should then be placed in our modular rack, TDS200R, throughout the rest of the test.

Good morning. Do you offer trial samples of these?

We do offer samples of our StableWeigh vessels. The part number is TDS100S.

How do you use it ?

These vessels were designed to replace traditional crucibles. They come preconditioned and preweighed so they are ready to use right out of the box. Filter your sample through a 1.5 um washed and dried glass fiber filter into the vessel. Place the vessel into an oven/steam bath to evaporate to dryness. Bake in 180C oven for 1 hour. Cool in desiccator to balance temperature (about 15 mins). Weigh the vessel with the residue. Calculate your TDS value. Discard vessel.

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