what is the pore size for TDS111 StableWeigh Kit. TDS100+W&D Filters, 100pk

These are the same filters as F92447MM, Washed and Dried Filters. They are glass fiber, 1.5 micron.

Do you have samples of these for trial purposes?

We do offer sample packs of the TDS vessels. Use item TDS100S. If you want a sample pack of the washed and dried filters please use item F92447MMS.

are the TDS disposable vessels weighed twice for verification of stability? and is this provided to the customer?

Standard Methods 2540C.3.b, 23rd Edition, does not require that the evaporating dish be weighed twice for verification of stability. It only states to heat the dish to 180 ± 2°C for ? 1 h in an oven, cool dishes to ambient temperature, and weigh. Our StableWeigh vessels meet these requirements and are specifically cited in SM 2540B.2.a, 23rd Edition, as an approved sample dish.

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