what size filter do they use?

These filter funnels hold a 47 mm filter.

Do you have to use the StableWeigh vessels with the unit? Will a 125 mL glass beaker fit into the holder inserts?

You are not required to use the StableWeigh Vessel with the vacuum manifold. You may use any container that fits within the outer sleeve. It has an inner diameter of 3.4 inches.

What size of vacuum pump is recommended? And are there any methods for even distribution of the vacuum? Currently, if two pieces have vacuum drawing, one is drawing harder than the other.

We recommend a pump that has a minimum of 1.2 CFM air flow. If you experience uneven pull across the different stations please check to make sure the stopcocks have not come loose. This can lead to loss of vacuum. Look on the bottom of the manifold and check the nut holding the stopcock in place.

Could you use beakers instead of the StableWeigh vessels in the 6-place Filling Station?

Some size beakers will fit in the filling station. You would need to no use the inner shell to allow room for them to fit. There is a hole on the floor of each station that allows the vacuum to pull. It would need to remain uncovered.

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