will this manifold accomodate gooch crucibles 36 mm

The manifold holds a standard number 8 stopper, not included. You will have to find a one hold stopper to fit your gooch crucible or get a solid stopper and punch your own hole of the appropriate size.

Do you sell just the small gasket/washers that go at the base of each filtration column? If so, we\'d be interested in purchasing some. Thanks!

We do not have the gasket and washers as separate items. We only have the full valve assembly.

Do you sell the valves separately?

Yes, the part number for the valve is G4015.

How do you protect vacuum lines from filtrate? Do you need a filter flask for waste?

Yes--a waste carboy or filer flask of some type should be in between your vacuum pump and the manifold to collect your waste. We offer a 4-L (G3064) and a 20-L(G3070) for carboys and various types of filter flasks as well.

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