What is the holding time for these standards? How long are they good after purchase?

The packaged standard does not have an expiration date on it. We send these standards as dry particles that are suspended in solution in the lab. Once put in solution they have a similar expiration date as a TSS sample, 7 days.

How many mL of TSS standard can be prepared from each bottle? How long will this solution keep? Thanks!

The product is supplied as a dry powder that is made up to volume by the user. It is designed to be used with 1000 mL of reagent water. Following this procedure will give a concentration listed on the sample containers. Depending on the desired results the product can be added to more or less reagent water, with the final concentration being adjusted by the same factor. The product itself has an expiration date printed on the label. Once put into solution, the standard should have the same holding time as required by your TSS method and regulations.


Follow this link to a sample MSDS and Certificate of analysis - http://www.envexp.com/download/techsupport/msds/Miscellaneous%20MSDS/F95005H%20%2808-16-2011%29.pdf\r\nIf you need a specific lot number call our technical support line at 800-745-8218

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