Safety data sheet

Each box will come with instructions for use, certified values for each tube, and a copy of the safety data sheet.

To what final volume are the USS standards diluted? Can they be used for volatile suspended solids testing?

The instructions for this product state to dilute the standards to 1000 mL. However, the volume can be adjusted to fit the laboratory’s needs. The true value would need to be adjusted with a multiplier of 1000 mL divided by the volume used. Note that this standard is intended to be used as a whole volume. It does not subsample very well.

What is the holding time for these standards? How long are they good after purchase?

The packaged standard does not have an expiration date on it. We send these standards as dry particles that are suspended in solution in the lab. Once put in solution they have a similar expiration date as a TSS sample, 7 days.

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