sir what is the range oif transmittance

It has built in wavelengths of 428 nm, 525 nm, 568 nm, 635 nm. It can read % transmittance from 0-100%.

Does this include directions? What sample size? Will it work with other colorimeters?

The test kits should come with instructions. You can test up to 100 samples. All colorimeters are able to measure absorbance, however, these test kits are specifically designed to fit in the Smart 3 colorimeter.

What volume of sample is used for analysis?

The included sample vials have a 10 mL volume line on them.

What is the sensitivity, accuracy and iron level range in detecting iron levels? Does it report total iron or free iron?

The Smart3 Colorimeter is capable of analyzing iron by the phenanthroline or bipyridyl method. With the phenanthroline method you can test the sample with no initial treatment to get only the ferrous iron present in the sample. Digestion with hydrochloric acid and hydroxylamine prior to analysis will give total iron in the sample. It has a range of 0.00-5.00 mg/L with a detection limit of 0.06 mg/L. The bipyridyl method has a range of 0.00-6.00 with a detection limit of 0.10 mg/L.

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