Indicator Strips

Indicator Strips
Indicator strips are available in a variety of formats including books, 3-pad Indicator Strips, 1-pad Indicator Strips and for a variety of applications including pH, Water Quality and Interferent Detection. If you don't see the test paper products you need, contact our Technical Sales Department for more information.
Environmental Express offers a cost effective method for research and development purposes proving to be suitable and portable for these requirements. Products range from simple tests for acidity or alkalinity, wide and narrow range indicator papers, as well as specialized detection and indicator papers. Indicator strips are used in schools, universities, hospitals, laboratories and in other specialist industry sectors all over the world.

Item No. Description
EE8801384 Lead Acetate Test Paper, 24 vials, 100 strips/vial

EMD Millipore Water Quality Test Strips

Item No. Description
EE9957203 Chloride Water Test Strips, 0-3000 ppm; 100/Pk
EE9957204 Cyanide Water Test Strips, 0-30 ppm; 100/pk HAZARDOUS
EE9957206 Quant Lead Water Test Strips, 0-500 ppm, 100/Pk
EE9957207 Nickel Water Test Strips, 0-500 ppm; 100/pk
EE9957210 EM Quant Total Hardness Test Strips, 0 to 370 ppm
EE9957211 EM Quant Total Hardness Test Strips, 90 to 450 ppm
EE9957213 Nitrate Water Quality Test Strips, 10-500ppm; 100/pk
EE9957214 Copper Water Test Strips, 10-300 ppm;100/Pk

Hach Water Quality Test Strips

Item No. Description
EE0554602 Hach 5 in 1 Water Quality Test Strips, 50
EE0554604 Hach Total Alkalinity Test Strips, 0-240ppm; 50/Pk
EE0554606 Ammonia (N) Test Strips, 0 to 6.0 mg/L; 25/Pk
EE0554608 Hach LR Arsenic Water Test Strips, 0-500ppb; 100/Pk
EE0554612 Hach Arsenic EZ Dual Range Test Strips, 100 HAZARDOUS
EE0554616 Hach LR Chloride Test Strips, 30-600ppm; 40/Pk
EE0554618 Hach Chloride Test Strips High Range, 40
EE0554620 Free and Total Chlorine LR Test Strips, 250/Pk
EE0554622 Hach Free and Total Chlorine Test Strips, 50/Pk
EE0554624 Hach Free Chlorine High Range Test Strips, 100
EE0554626 Hach Free and Total Copper Test Strips, 25


Can the be used to test cosmetics, hence water-based solutions? Thank you in advance

These strips can be used in any water based solutions.

do you have the EM Quant test strip for Cyanide item #1.10044.0001 and if so what is the price

This item is available for purchase and will ship from the Cole Parmer warehouse in Illinois. To see the current price, please login to our website using your customer ID and password.

Could you please tell me how to use this test paper properly? Do they need to be moistened with acetate buffer before testing the sample?

For optimal results you should moisten the papers with acetate buffer prior to testing the sample. If you are using these strips to test for sulfide prior to distilling/analyzing samples for cyanide you must follow the method procedure and use the acetate buffer. For other samples, if you do not have acetate buffer available you will still be able to get results from the test papers. The reaction and color development may be slightly slower or more difficult to detect but it will be present.

Could you please tell me what is the lowest concentration of sulfides can be detected by Johnson lead acetate test paper.

The minimum detection level is somewhat dependant on the visual acuity of the observer. Generally speaking a level of 1-3 mg/L will darken the strip enough to be observed. This range may change somewhat depending on lighting and color of the sample tested.

Is there a certificate of analysis available for this product? Batch no: 0460107

We do not have any certificates available for this particular product.

C of A

No certificate of analysis is available for this product.

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