Empore™ Oil & Grease Disks

*Empore™ Oil & Grease Disks

Empore oil and grease disks are optimized to meet EPA Method 1664 requirements. They have a faster flow rate and less filter clogging than competing SPE filters. Revolutionary filters uses a fluoropolymer matrix embedded with C-18 coated particles sandwiched between two layers of polypropylene prefilter material. Tri-laminar construction eliminates the need for costly and messy prefilter materials on most samples.

Item No. Description
G2073 SPE - Empore™ O/G Disk, 47mm, 60pk
G2083 SPE - Empore™ O/G Disk, 90mm, 30pk


Are certificates of conformity available for download/via email for this product? (G2073, SPE filter disk)

The manufacturer of this product does not currently supply us with any certificates.

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