Are these standards prepared with NIST traceable equipment?

This standard is prepared with NIST traceable supplies. Please visit http://www.envexp.com/coa and then follow the path down to Oil and Grease Standards, OG Standard - G3020, and select a file to see a sample COA.

i have a G3020 standard.how much ml of standard from the bottle to use?

The concentration of this standard is 4 mg/mL the volume you use will depend on the final concentration desired of your working standard. The concentration of the LCS per EPA 1664 should be 40 mg/L so 10 mL of the G3020 standard per 1-L of acidified water will achieve this.

Hello. I need a standard and a certificate of analysis for HEM and SGT-HEM. Do you have one?

There are several options available for this standard. G3025 is the most convenient. It comes in individual tubes with one measured amount on standard inside. It contains 40 mg total HEM and 20 mg SGT-HEM as specified in 1664. G3020 comes packaged as a set of nine 30 mL bottles. These contain HEM at a concentration of 4.0 mg/mL and SGT-HEM at 2.0 mg/mL. This allows you to customize the amount of standard you wish to add each time. We also offer 2 different options intended for MDL determination. G3023 is 20 tubes at 7 mg HEM, 3.5 mg SGT-HEM and G3026 is 20 tubes at 10 mg HEM, 5.0 mg SGT-HEM. All of these products will come with a certificate of analysis.

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