Calculation of Sample Matrix Spike using the above standard, if our sample is in mg.\\L or ppm?

This product contains 7 mg of HEM. If this standard was spiked in 1 L of sample, the concentration of the spike would be 7 mg/L or 7 ppm.

Does item # G3023 (O/G MDL standard, 7mg HEM) contain equal amounts of Stearic Acid & Hexadecane? And can it be used for the SGT-HEM MDL at 3.5 mg/L?

Yes, this standard does contain equal amounts of stearic acid and hexadecane. If 3.5 mg of SGT HEM is acceptable for your procedure than it can be used for such. If you need a slightly larger amount we do offer a product that is 10 mg HEM, 5 mg of each component. This is item G3026.

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