Cannot find CoA for product#G1065Lot# 27959001-9284-JS ; please send to me

This product does not have a COA included with it.

Can I please get a COA for PN: G1065 Lot: 27958001-8346-CG?

This item does not have a certificate of analysis.

Does the Drying Cartridge have a Certificate of Analysis by Lot (27956022-7052)?

We do not certify this product and it does not come with a COA.

please send copy of COA for part # G1065, Lot # 2795410-5203

This product does not have a COA associated with it.

After the 3-30mL rinses of the sample bottle, my 100mL collection flask is so full of hexane and extracted material that it submerses the cartridge (could trap O&G). How can i avoid this?

We currently suggest 10-15 mL of hexane be used for each elution rinse. That will give you approximately 45 mL of hexane for your final volume in the collection flask. This should allow sufficient space between the level of the liquid and the bottom of the drying cartridge.

Does this chemical expire

There is no listed expiration date on these cartridges.

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