I need additional fittings for my carboy. The screws and the washer are worn out, can I just order the parts

Item G3063 is the barbed fittings for the carboy.

I do vacuum filtration for TSS on a 6-place manifold. Do you have a waste carboy with Vac tube fittings to hold 20L or more of waste water? One with a drain spigot perhaps?

Item G3070 is the largest waste carboy that we have. It is appropriate for connection to any filtration manifold that you have. It comes with barbed fittings for the lid that will connect to vacuum tubing. We do not have an option for a spigot on the bottom of the carboy.

What accessories are required with the automated oil and grease unit?

The purchaser of the instrument needs to supply the following items to prepare for the instrument:\r\n• A 4” vent hose approximately 15’ in length and a location within 15’ of ventilation to appropriately remove hexane fumes.\r\n• A source of nitrogen or other inert gas. The pressure must be between 70-110 psi. The connection to the instrument is made with a 0.25” industrial shape quick connect socket.\r\n• A vacuum source that pulls approximately 25” Hg. The same type of connection is required as with the gas source.\r\n• Bench space to accommodate the instrument. The footprint is 22.5”W x 26.3” L x 22.4”H. You will need an additional 2 inches of clearance around the instrument.\r\n• 3 Reagent and 1 solvent waste bottle with GL38 threads. This is a fairly standard thread size on purchased bottles of liquid chemicals. The instrument ships with a reagent caddy that will hold bottles up to a 2.5 L size. The dimensions of the caddy are 16”W x 20”L x 16.9”H.\r\n• A computer to run the software that controls the instrument. The minimum requirements are Windows XP or newer, dual core or better processor, 2GB RAM and at least one available USB port.\r\n\r\nAdditionally, the day to day operation of the instrument will require the following reagents and consumables:\r\n• Reagents\r\no n-Hexane\r\no methanol\r\no DI water\r\no HEM standard\r\n• Consumables\r\no SPE disk\r\no Drying cartridge\r\no Evaporating pan\r\no Sample bottles with a 53-400 closure size. If your standard sample bottles are a different size than this we do have adaptors available for other sizes. Please contact your sales representative for pricing and availability\r\n

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