StepSaver Individual Stations

*StepSaver Individual Stations

Oil & Grease Extractions Made Easy

The improved StepSaver™ is completely manufactured out of durable PVC and plastic materials. This compact, single-place station has a small footprint to save valuable benchtop space. These stations can be daisy-chained together to run multiple samples at once for a faster sample throughput.  The improved StepSaver still meets the EPA Method 1664 requirements for Oil and Grease extractions. 

The StepSaver units come in three different configurations: Disposable filter funnel with UltraPrep extraction disk, 47mm Glass filter funnel, 90mm Glass filter funnel.

Funnel Types

  • Reusable 1000mL glass funnels that you use with individual UltraPrep® disks
  • Disposable 250mL polypropylene filter funnels that come with the UltraPrep® disks already in place

Complete StepSaver Systems are available. Each system contains the complete StepSaver unit, 20L waste carboy, UltraPrep® extraction disks (disposable filter funnel or loose disks), sodium sulfate drying cartridges, a receiving flask, aluminum weigh pans, and Oil and Grease Standards.

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EPA 1664 method can be found on this link.

FAQ for StepSaver for EPA Method 1664 Oil and Grease

StepSaver Individual Station - Disposable Funnel

Item No. Description
G6001 StepSaver - Individual Station, Disposable Funnel

StepSaver Individual Station - Glass Funnel, 47mm

Item No. Description
G6048 StepSaver - Individual Station, 47mm Glass Funnel

StepSaver Individual Station - Glass Funnel, 90mm

Item No. Description
G6091 StepSaver - Individual Station, 90mm Glass Funnel


I need replacement sealing gaskets for this. Do you sell them separate or do you need to buy the entire assembly?

The sealing gasket can be purchased individually using item G3030. It comes as a 2 pack.

What is the cost for the 90 mm StepSaver unit?

The individual 90mm StepSaver unit is part # G1090. For pricing quotations please contact sales@envexp.com.

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