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Oil & Grease Extractions Made Easy

The improved StepSaver™ is completely manufactured out of durable PVC and plastic materials. This compact, single-place station has a small footprint to save valuable benchtop space. These stations can be daisy-chained together to run multiple samples at once for a faster sample throughput.  The improved StepSaver still meets the EPA Method 1664 requirements for Oil and Grease extractions. 

The StepSaver allows the analyst to collect the solvent with eluted oil and grease directly into a collection flask eliminating the need to disassemble or reassemble glassware. As the eluent enters the collection flask it passes through a drying cartridge to remove any excess water so it is ready to be evaporated without a separate drying step. It's easy and efficient. Simply pour your sample into the disposable or glass funnel on the extraction side which is on the right side of the unit. Our patented UltraPrep® extraction disks don't need to be activated with methanol before use nor do they need to be kept wetted. With the vacuum on, turn the large stopcock to allow the sample waste to pour off into the waste carboy. Once the sample has completely gone to waste, continue pulling vacuum for 5 minutes to allow the residual water in the disk to be removed. Next, turn the large stopcock to the closed position and move the disposable filter funnel or the disk and glass filter funnel to the elution side, which is located on the left side of the unit. Add n-Hexane to the funnel to elute the oil and grease from the extraction disk. Turn the small stopcock to allow the n-Hexane to pass through the Na2SO4 drying cartridge and into the collection flask. Transfer your sample to a preweighed aluminum pan being sure to rinse the flask thoroughly. Your sample is ready to be evaporated.

The StepSaver units come in three different configurations: Disposable filter funnel with UltraPrep extraction disk, 47mm Glass filter funnel, 90mm Glass filter funnel.

Funnel Types

  • Reusable 1000mL glass funnels that you use with individual UltraPrep® disks
  • Disposable 250mL polypropylene filter funnels that come with the UltraPrep® disks already in place

Complete StepSaver Systems are available. Each system contains the complete StepSaver unit, 20L waste carboy, UltraPrep® extraction disks (disposable filter funnel or loose disks), sodium sulfate drying cartridges, a receiving flask, aluminum weigh pans, and Oil and Grease Standards.

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EPA 1664 method can be found on this link.

FAQ for StepSaver for EPA Method 1664 Oil and Grease

StepSaver Complete System - Disposable Funnel

Item No. Description
G6000 StepSaver Complete System - Disposable Funnel

StepSaver Complete System - Glass Funnel, 47mm

Item No. Description
G6047 StepSaver Complete System - 47mm Glass Funnel

StepSaver Complete System - Glass Funnel, 90mm

Item No. Description
G6090 StepSaver Complete System - 90mm Glass Funnel


Typical O&G levels we run are 5 mg/L to 200 mg/L. What do you recommend, the 47mm or 90mm funnel system?

We recommend the 47 mm setup for most samples. The 90 mm discs are typically only needed for samples with high amounts of particulates in the sample. Normal suspended solids usually won\'t interfere. Only if there is a measurable layer of settleable solids would you need the larger discs.

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