Need part number for orange rubber stopper that fits around stainless steel disc part no. G1030

G3030 is the item you need.

I have replaced the 3 way valve and the two way valve and still leaking through the extraction head. What are possible causes?

Please contact our technical support dept at either 800-745-8218 or info@envexp.com.

I am looking to replace the 90 degree plastic stopcocks that are attached to the stainless steel manifold (not the 120 degree teflon stopcocks-G1025). Are these available for purchase?

Yes, the part number is M313005.

does it include the stainless steel screen and the aluminum clamp?

No, the G1022 is only the glass extraction head. There is no screen for this extraction head as the platform where the filter lays is fritted. The part # for the aluminium clamp is G1057.

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