On PN G1065, the bottom looks like a male Luer, what is the top fitting? Male Luer Lock?

That is correct. The top is the male Luer lock, the bottom is the male slip Luer.

Is it possible to get two caps one with tube fittings and one without, for each carboy ordered?

That is not something we can offer. We purchase the carboys and modify the caps with the tube fittings. Our supplier does not provide the caps separately.

Does this product come with a certificate of analysis?

There is no COA associated with this product.

How does the filter aid 400 (Cat#G1075) work?

Filter aids work by providing a secondary layer of material to prevent clogging of the surface area of the actual filter.

what is the purpose of the Sodium sulfate drying cartridge and is it needed?

EPA method 1664 requires some form of drying mechanism when performing the test for oil and grease. The method suggests using sodium sulfate to remove any residual water from the eluted hexane. Other mechanisms, such as phase separation paper, may be used as long as they fulfill the QC requirements of the method.

Why does the drying cartridge sometimes release Na2SO4 into the collection flask?

Residual water left on the extraction disk can be pulled through to the collection flask during the extraction step. Sodium sulfate is soluble in water As this residual water flows through the cartridge, it picks up some sodium sulfate, which then precipitates back out in the collection flask full of hexane.

Do you have a certificate of analysis for G1065 Na2SO4 drying cartridge?

This product does not come with a COA.

How to use Na2SO4 ?

Sodium sulfate is used to remove any residual water from your Oil and Grease extraction. The cartridge containing the sodium sulfate (G1065) is designed to attach to the receiving side of the extraction head of our StepSaver unit. Here is a link to a video demonstrating how to assemble and use our StepSaver system. https://youtu.be/Mgbt1BY865w

Do the G5127 SPE - Disp. Funnels for the Ultraflow stepsaver have to be conditioned with Methanol

All UltraFlow and UltraLow products must be conditioned with Methanol prior to use. Only the UltraPrep products are ready to use as received without conditioning.

What material is used for the housing of Item No. G1065?

The cartridge body is polypropylene.

Can you send me a picture of the waste carboy setup to a suspended solids manifold,where does the vacum line conect to, and where should the manifold line go.Does the order matter?

The order should be manifold to carboy to pump with vacuum tubing between each of them.

Do you have silica gel cartridges for hydro o&G?

We do carry a variety of silica gel cartridges for various methods. Please find the full list at the following link:\r\nhttp://www.envexp.com/products/4-Organics/SCC-Sample_Cleanup_Cartridges/SCC1-Silica\r\nIf you don\'t see the size you need please contact us at info@envexp.com and we\'ll try to match your needs.

do these drying cartridges need to be rinsed with Hexane and/or Methanol before use?

No, the drying cartridges do not need any preparatory step. They are ready to use directly out of the package.

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