UltraLow® Disks for Oil & Grease

*UltraLow® Disks for Oil & Grease

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UltraLow® Disks
are C-18 and do not include a prefilter layer. They use 30% less n-Hexane but may not be suitable for samples containing large amounts of suspended material.

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Item No. Description
G5300MM SPE - 100mm UltraLow® C18 Disks w/out Prefilters,15pk
G5347MM SPE - 47mm UltraLow® C18 Disks w/out Prefilters, 20pk
G5390MM SPE - 90mm UltraLow® C18 Disks w/out Prefilters, 15pk


What is the maximum capacity of HEM that the disks can retain (mg)?

These discs can extract 1000 mg of a 50/50 mix of stearic acid and hexadecane. Similar numbers can be expected for the capacity of other substances classified as oil and grease. Be advised that the resin used in these dics, C18, is not selective to just one type material that can be extracted. Pesticides, herbicides, surfactants, and various medicinal compounds are among some of the common water borne contaminants that the disc will extract. These will all count against the total capacity of the disc.

Which side of the filter faces up?

The UltraLow extraction disks can be used with either side facing up.

With oil and grease filter is there a rinse after the sample goes through?

There is no rinse needed after the sample passes through the extraction disc. The disc is vacuum dried for approximately 10 minutes. After this the hexane is added for extraction.

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