UltraPrep® Disks for Oil & Grease

*UltraPrep® Disks for Oil & Grease

StepSaver - New and Improved

UltraPrep® Premium Extraction Disks follow Method 1664 for solid phase extraction of oil & grease but eliminate the need for conditioning with a polar solvent.

UltraPrep® Extraction Disks are embedded with a unique hydrophilic C18 material that does not need to be kept wetted, making extraction easier for the laboratory and eliminating any potential of a co-solvent coming into contact with the sample assuring method compliance.

Similar in design to our proven and reliable UltraFlow® Filters, UltraPrep® filters have a prefilter layer consisting of coarse glass fibers. The addition of the prefilter layer improves filtration speed and eliminates the need for a separate prefilter.

Extraction Disks are available in 47mm, 90mm and 100mm. 47mm disks are also available in convenient disposable Filter Funnels.

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Item No. Description
GUP047MM SPE - 47mm UltraPrep® Preactivated Disks, 20pk
GUP090MM SPE - 90mm UltraPrep® Preactivated Disks, 15pk
GUP100MM SPE - 100mm UltraPrep® Preactivated Disks, 15pk
GUP47JTBASE SPE - Disp. JT Baker Base w/47mm UltraPrep®, 18pk
GUPF47EE SPE - Disp. Funnels w/47mm UltraPrep®/StepSaver, 20pk
GUPF47JTB SPE - Disp. Funnels w/47mm UltraPrep®/Baker, 20pk


Is there anything I can do to speed up filtration for very contaminated samples? I use the 90mm disks, and it can take more than my shift length to filter.

This is an unfortunate problem with the solid phase extraction process. There are some samples that, due to the nature of suspended solids present, are difficult to extract through the disc. It is possible to collect a smaller portion of sample as long as you adjust the reporting limit appropriately. You may also use multiple discs to extract one sample. If you choose to use this option, make sure to elute all discs for one sample into the same container so that the combined residue can be weighed.

Do you have a detailed instruction form for this product?

Please go to http://www.envexp.com/product-manuals and select the file named \"StepSaver Directions\" or \"StepSaver Instructions\" for guidance on how to use this disc according to EPA method 1664.

What is the total time from start to finish (ready to evaporate and place in oven) for the StepSaver O&G system?

Once you get familiar with the procedure you can expect to have a sample ready for evaporation in 20-30 minutes. The time will vary based on how long the extraction through the disc takes.

Is the Polypropylene, disposable funnel approved by the EPA as an alternative to glass?

The EPA only approves methods, not equipment and supplies. EPA 1664 is the method that is approved for the analysis of hexane extractable material. The method is written for liquid-liquid extraction and carries guidance for using solid phase extraction as a method modification. There is no mention of any requirement for the material used to construct the solid phase extraction equipment.

What are these disks used for?

They are intended for use in the determination of HEM/Oil and Grease via solid phase extraction (SPE). It is possible they may be used for other applications outside this intended scope. The discs utilize C18 as the active site provider, however they are manufactured so as not to require activation from the use of a non-polar solvent when used for Oil and Grease.

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