are these compatible with the Hach BD40 digestion block?

We have not tested these tubes with that digestion block. You would need to compare the dimensions of 26mm x 300mm to see if they match.

Is the 42mm dimension i.d. or o.d.?

That measurement is the outer diameter.

Is there a stopper/plug available for the TKN6011 Digestion tube for storage after digestion?

We do not offer any plug or cap for this tube. If you intend to store the digested samples prior to analysis you would need to transfer the liquid to another container with a lid, such as UC475-NL.

Can you these chips in 9M Sufuric Acid solution?

Yes, you can.

Do you sell the racks for these tubes?

We do not have racks to fit these tubes. We carry these as a convenience for those who have TKN blocks from other companies. They do not fit in our TKN block or rack.

Is there a way to ID these tubes so the markings will withstand the digestion process?

A permanent marker such as Sharpie brand can be used on the glass above where it sits in the block. Barring any spills or boil-over, that marking should remain on the glass during the digestion procedure.

For standard digestion tubes, how many granules do you use in each tube?

You only need to use 1-2 granules per tube.

When would you use them in the digestion process?

The teardrop stoppers are placed on top of the digestion tube once the block begins ramping to the final digestion temperature. Using these stoppers helps to minimize the loss of acid during the digestion which will improve digestion efficiency and reduce problems with crystallization after the digestion is complete.

Would this unit work with round bottom tubes as well, or do the individual positions in the hot block have flat bottoms to fit the flat bottom tubes?

The Environmental Express TKN Block is designed for the flat-bottom tubes.

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