what is the warranty on this controller? ours is not working.

Our equipment typically carries a one year warranty. If you suspect a warranty issue, please contact us at 800.343.5319 and ask for HotBlock tech support to diagnose the potential problems.

Is this controller capable of progamming to run a sequence of 3 temperatures?

This controller comes set with a 2 step TKN digestion programmed into it. If you wish to use digestion profiles other than the preprogrammed TKN sequence you will need to use TKN180.

Does this controller need to be placed outside the hood?

This controller should be placed outside the hood away from the acidic environment.

Is this controller programmable and how can I get further information about this unit?

Our TKN controllers come preprogrammed with the times and temperatures from the EPA 351.2 TKN method. Our simple controller (TKN100) can hold one temperature program. We also have a premium, touch screen controller (TKN180) that can hold multiple temperature programs. You can also find more information on our website https://www.envexp.com/products/1-Wet_Chemistry/TKN-TKN_Systems/TKN1-TKN_Systems

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