Do these bottles come with the LID?

These bottles come with lids.

Is the pack size the number of containers in a case? How many containers are in a case?

Yes it is. This item comes as a case of 250 bottles.

Does the above plastic bottle come with lids?

These bottles do come with lids.

Does this item come with Certificates per Lot?

Yes, this item is certified and will come with a certificate of analysis in each case.

are these bottles Sterile?

These bottles are not sterile. The only sterile containers we have are found in our microbiology section. http://www.envexp.com/component/envexp/3-Microbiology/MICRO-Microbiology/MICRO3-Sample_Vials_for_Coliform_Testing

Are caps included?

Caps do come included with these bottles.

What 250-mL plastic bottles do you recommend for trace metals in water samples; we typically add X-mL of 50:50 HNO3 to the bottles before we ship & need to ensure it will not leak liquid or vapor.

I would say a Nalgene bottle would be a good choice. You would want a certified bottle, which is Level 1 certified and comes with a COA with the trace metals background.

does this come with the cap

This product does come with a cap.

is it possible to get lids. we have 50 of the BPC3014 that do not have lids on them in the case.

The part number for the lids is K051800.

Are these bottles level 1 certified?

These bottles do come with a certificate that gives background levels for the bottle. All sample container item numbers that have a 1 for the first number are certified. If there is a 3 for the first number they are not certified.

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