Do these bottles come with the caps?

Yes, they do come with caps.

Is the pack size the number of containers in a case?

Yes it is. This is sold in cases of 160 bottles.

these bottles do include lids, right?

This part number does not include the lids for the bottles. See item K051800 for the appropriate lids.

Do these come with lids? If not, what is part no for lids?

This part number does come with lids included. For the bottle without lids use part number B111993C.

Please send me the dimensions of these bottles (BPC3502).

The dimensions are 3 1/2\" X 2 5/8\" x 6\"

Does item # BPC1015 - HDPE come with lids and if so do the lids have a foam insert?

This part number comes with caps that have an F217 liner. The F217 liner is a three-ply liner composed of a low density foam core between two solid layers of low density polyethylene.

What is the dimension, especially the height?

The bottle is 6 ½” tall with the cap on and has a 2 ¾” diameter.

Are BPC1183 and BPC1170 Level 1 with a Certificate of Analysis

Yes both of those items are Level 1 and come with a certificate of analysis.

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