Plastic 60mL

Please refer to the bottle and level type charts for assistance with selecting the correct sample collection bottle. Level 1 bottles are certified and come with a Certificate of Analysis. Level 3 bottles are not certified.

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60mL Plastic, Certified

Item No. Description
BPC1040 HDPE, 33mm, Wide Mouth, 60mL, 48/Case

60mL Plastic, Uncertified

Item No. Description
BPC3040 HDPE, 33mm, Wide Mouth, 60mL, 48/Case

60mL Plastic, Uncertified, No Caps

Item No. Description
B220002C HDPE, 20/410, Cylinder, 60mL, 900/Case
B220010C HDPE, 33/400, Wide Mouth, 60mL, 850/Case
J248795C PP, 53/400, Straight Sided, 60mL, 420/Case


Is this bottle Pre cleaned with Nitric Acid?

All bottles with the Level 1 cleaning certification have been washed and prepared according to the EPA sampling guidelines. For plastic bottles this does include a rinse with a nitric acid solution.

I need to purcahse caps for these bottles - how do I do that?

The part number for the cap that fits this bottle is K052009 - Cap, 33/400 PP Wh, R/M F217, EA.

What does Level 1 certified mean for BPC1040?

Level 1 certification means that containers are processed to meet or exceed requirements of EPA Specifications and Guidance for Contaminant-Free Sample Containers. Analysis is conducted by an independent laboratory, and a traceable, lot-number-specific Certificate of Analysis is provided with each case of containers. As additional quality control, each case is marked with the lot number and sealed with custody tape.

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