32 oz or 1 liter

This product is 32 oz in volume, approximately 940 mL.

Are these autoclavable?

They are not autoclavable.

May I submit a sample request of your item # E082001C, 4 Liter Clear Resin w/ 38-400 cap & outer carton? Thank you.

We do not have this item available as a sample.

do these come with lids?

Yes, they come with lids.

Does this container come with a cap? Is this container autoclavable? We need 10 liter sample container for Giardia.

The cubitainer does come with a cap. It is made of polyethylene and is not autoclave safe.

For product EPC3021 you list clean resin in the product description. Can you elaborate what this is? A cleaning protocol?

That is actually a typo that should say \'clear\' resin. This item has been discontinued since April of 2017. Please use item EPC3020 instead.

Do the 1 liter cubitainers come with the lids or are the purchased separately and how much are they.

The cubitainers do come with lids. For current pricing please log into your customer account online or call our customer service department.

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