Preservation Supplies

Preservation Supplies

Are you in compliance with the Department of Transportation (DOT) shipping requirements? Eliminate the guesswork with pre-measured preservatives that are formulated to to meet DOT shipping requirements and EPA preservation protocol.The pre-measured preservatives come sealed in Nalgene or PTFE containers and are labeled with their contents, percent preservative, CAS number and the appropriate size bottle to preserve.

Preservation Ampule Selection Chart 

Item No. Description
PA190008-01-10 5mL 1:1 HNO3 Preservation Soln, Nalgene, 25 x 15mL
PA190008-02-12 4 mL 1:1 HCl Preservation Solution, Nalgene, 25 x 4 mL
PA190008-02-14 4mL of 1:1 of HCl Preservation, Glass, 4 mL x 144pk
PA190008-02-15 2mL of 1:1 of HCl Preservation, 144pk
PA190008-03-05 2 mL1:1 H2SO4 Preservation Solution,Nalgene, 25 x 4 mL
PA190008-03-13 H2SO4 Preservation Solution, 1:1, 3mL, 100pk

H2SO4 Preservation Ampules

Item No. Description
PA190008-03-01 H2SO4 Preservation for 125 mL, 25pk
PA190008-03-02 H2SO4 Preservation for 250 mL, 25pk
PA190008-03-03 H2SO4 Preservation for 500 mL, 25pk
PA190008-03-04 H2SO4 Preservation Solution, 1000mL, 25pk
PA190008-03-09 H2SO4 Preservation Solution, 10%, 1mL, 25pk
PA190008-03-12 H2SO4 Preservation Solution, 1:1, 4mL, 25pk

HCl Preservation Ampules

Item No. Description
PA190008-02-01 HCl Preservation for 125 mL, 25pk
PA190008-02-02 HCl Preservation for 250 mL, 25pk
PA190008-02-03 HCl Preservation for 500 mL, 25pk
PA190008-02-04 HCl Preservation for 1000 mL, 25pk
PA190008-02-05 3mL of 1:1 HCl Preservation, 100pk
PA190008-02-06 0.5mL of 1:1 HCl Preservation, 100pk
PA190008-02-07 0.25mL of 1:1HCl Preservation, 100pk
PA190008-02-08 2mL of 1:1 of HCl Preservation, 100pk


Is this 1:1 HNO3 for preservation of metals

Yes, this intended to meet the preservation requirements for metals analysis.

I\'m looking for a 2 ml 1:1 Sulfuric acid vials, do you carry anything to that nature?

For sulfuric acid, the next level down we have is 3 mL of 35% solution. We don\'t carry anything in 1:1.

How much Nitric Acid is in this vial? Also how much is in the HCl vial for 1000 ml?

This item contains 3 mL 44% nitric acid. Item PA190008-02-04 contains 3 mL concentrated hydrochloric acid.

these are pre prepared bottles for water collection ?

This particular item is actually one of the preservatives that would be used after sample collection. The precleaned sampling containers can be found here - http://www.envexp.com/products/7-General_Lab_Supplies/ESS-Field_Testing_and_Sampling/ESS-Environmental_Sampling_Containers

What is the volume per bottle and quality of the acid? COA?

The volume and concentration of acid does vary based on the size of the bottle you are preserving. I am e-mailing you a spreadsheet with this information on it. All reagents used in the preservation ampoules are ACS grade. No C of A comes with this product.

can we get empty containers of these ampules to buy?

We do not package these ourselves but distribute them for our chemical supplier. We don\'t have the empty containers to sell. However you may be able to use the preservative and rinse out the container for reuse in other applications.

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