Which volumen does your sampler have? 10g or 25g? thanks

The nominal sample size is 5 g.

Hi Environmental Express. Are there 500 tubes in the M1200 - T-Handle Soil Sampler?

This item does contain 500 pieces in the pack. Contact your local sales representative or partner for appropriate pricing.

Do you sell the stir bars separately? (for VOA vials)

We do sell the stir bars separately. The part number is M3200.

What are the Two 40mL preweighed low-level vials w/5mL of organic-free water with stir bars used for in the 5035 testing (Instead of just methanol)?

One of the vials is used for your sample while the other can be used for a duplicate/backup sample. The reagent-grade extractant water is an alternative preservative that is used for Low Level Analysis. The selection of the preservation fluid is based on the chemistry of the target compounds and the type of soil, along with the desired method detection limits. Samples preserved with water may not be opened after collection while the methanol vials can.

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