Ion Chromatography

Ion Chromatography

Ion Chromatography Product Lines:

Environmental Express offers a broad range of single and multi-component standards for Ion Chromatography/Ion Selective Electrode applications. These standards can be used with methods for common anions such as EPA Method 300, Standard Method 4110, ASTM D4327; methods for cations including EPA Method 300.7; methods for speciated metals such as EPA Method 218.7; and methods for metal cyanide complexes including EPA Method 9015 and for total cyanide as in ASTM D 2036-97 to list a few.

From single to multi-compounds we've got what you need for your IC. If you have a special blend of standards that you require please fill in a CUSTOM IC BLEND FORM.  


what is the approximate shelf-life of this standard?

This standard has a shelf-life of 18 months.

What is the formula weight (g/mol) of this sulfide standard? I need this to calculate the concentration in moles.

This standard uses Sodium Sulfide – Anhydrous, which has a formula weight of 78.0452 g/mol.

Once the standard is made up, how long is it stable for?

The unopened ampoules are stable for at least one year from the date of manufacture. Once the ampoule has been opened any unused concentrate should be discarded. The working standards that are made from the concentrate are subject to stability according to the laboratory’s written SOP. Most methods call for regular standardization of working stock sulfide solutions. The solutions are useable as long as they are within the acceptance criteria of the laboratory. Storing the solutions with minimum headspace at 4°C should help increase the length of time for which the solution is stable.

How many ampules come in one pack?

You receive 6 ampoules of 1.5 mL each.

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