Sample Clean-up Cartridges

Sample Clean-up Cartridges

Sample clean-up cartridges remove matrix interferences such as phenolics, metal ions, cations, anions, or hydrophobic substances encountered in many ion chromatography applications. These cartridges are designed as luer inlet and outlet to connect to disposable syringes and allows for several cartridges to be linked together for complex matrices. Choose the appropriate cartridge options based on the interferents to be removed.

Resin Selection Chart

Item No. Description
K4420 Sample Cleanup Cartridges, Ag, 1cc, 50pk
K4421 Sample Cleanup Cartridge- Ag, 2.5cc, 50pk
K4440 Sample CleanUp Cartridge, Ba, 1cc, 50pk
K4441 Sample CleanUp Cartridge, Ba, 2.5cc, 50pk
K4450 Sample CleanUp Cartridge, H, 1cc, 50pk
K4451 Sample CleanUp Cartridge, H, 2.5cc, 50pk
K4460 Sample CleanUp Cartridge, Ag/H, 1cc, 50pk
K4461 Sample CleanUp Cartridge, Ag/H, 2.5cc, 50pk
K4462 Sample Cleanup Cartridges, Ba/Ag/H, 2.5cc, 50pk
K9001 C18 Work-Up Cartridge for Organics Removal, 50pk


When I ran my sample through the cartridge it turned cloudy (sample normally clear). Do you know what would cause this? The sample is around pH 7.5

The three stage removal cartridges can have several different interactions that cause cloudiness in the final liquid. Usually it is a function of passing the sample through the cartridge too quickly. However, there may be some constituents that form precipitants after treatment by the cartridge.

what does desalting resin contain?

: Each different cartridge contains a different material to remove the analytes of interest. This particular one contains silver nitrate to remove the chloride from solution.

What is the capacity of this cartridge and what are the procedures for its use?

The capacity of this cartridge is 2 molar equivalents. This cartridge is designed to remove halogens by precipitation. it is recommended to follow treatment with either K4450 or K4451 to address potential issues with dissolved silver. The cartridges can be used either with a syringe or a vacuum system. There is a slip luer fitting on the cartridge to accommodate syringes such as those used with syringe filters or they can be stacked in combination with a filter as well. Slow constant flow through the cartridge results in the best removal efficiency.

Do you have agent in Saudi Arabia? will you please share details of this product?

This cleanup cartridge is designed to remove chloride and other halogens from an aqueous sample. The resin is packed with silver ions to precipitate out AgX2 as the sample flows through. The cartridge should be able to remove at least 2.5 mg chloride in the sample. Because it uses silver as the complexing agent other ions such as cyanide or phosphate could be removed from solution as well. Anything that forms an insoluble silver salt has the potential to be removed.

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