Disposable Syringes

*Disposable Syringes

These economical disposable syringes in 10mL and 20mL sizes are constructed totally from inert polypropylene.  They contain no rubber plungers to degrade or contaminate your sample.  Syinges are preassembled with printed graduations.  Slip luer design provides secure fit to syringe filters or other devices. 

Item No. Description
EE0794517 Cole-Parmer Disposable Syringe, Luer Lock, 5 mL, 100/P
S0010 10mL Syringe, Graduated and Assembled, 250pk
S0010LL 10mL Luer Lock Syringe 250pk
S0020 20mL Slip Luer Syringe, Non-Sterile, 250pk
S0020LL 20mL Luer Lock Syringe, 250pk


Are these compatible with SF045N?

Yes, they are.

This syringes are individually wrap or they come loose on the box?

These items are bulk packaged in the box.

I need a syringe with larger volume, 30-50 mL. What is available?

We do not offer any larger disposable syringes. We do have two larger syringes that are made of glass and are gas tight. They are intended for use in sampling volatile TCLP samples. The part numbers are S1050 for a 50 mL syringe and S1100 for a 100 mL syringe.

Do these syringes contain any plasticizers or silicone oils?

These syringes do not contain any plasticizers or silicone oils.

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