Syringe Filters

Syringe Filters

We are proud to offer various syringe filters options.  With many membranes styles, you are sure to find an appropriate syringe filter for your application.  

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Item No. Description
EE0291528 Syringe Filters - 50mm, 0.2µm, 20/pack

25mm Cellulose Acetate

Item No. Description
SF045CA Syringe Filters-Cellulose Acetate, 25mm, 0.45µm, 200pk
SF145CA Syringe Filters w/ Prefilter-CA,25mm, 0.45µm,200pk

25mm Glass Fiber

Item No. Description
SF012G Syringe Filters - Glass Fiber, 25mm, 1.2µm, 200pk
SF015G Syringe Filters - Glass Fiber, 25mm, 1.5µm, 200pk
SF1070G Syringe Filters-GF, Acid Washed, 25mm, 0.7µm, 200pk

25mm Nylon

Item No. Description
SF020N Syringe Filters - Nylon, 25mm, 0.2µm, 200pk
SF045N Syringe Filters - Nylon, 25mm, 0.45µm, 200pk
SF120N Syringe Filters w/ Prefilter-Nylon,25mm,0.2µm,200pk
SF145N Syringe Filters w/ Prefilter-Nylon,25mm,0.45µm,200pk

25mm PES

Item No. Description
SF020E Syringe Filters - PES, 25mm, 0.2µm, 200pk
SF045E Syringe Filters - PES, 25mm, 0.45µm, 200pk
SF120E Syringe Filters w/ Prefilter-PES, 25mm, 0.2µm,200pk
SF145E Syringe Filters w/ Prefilter-PES,25mm, 0.45µm,200pk
SF245E Syringe Filters w/PTFE Prefilter-PES,25mm,0.45µm,200pk

25mm PTFE

Item No. Description
SF020T Syringe Filters - PTFE, 25mm, 0.2µm, 200pk
SF045T Syringe Filters - PTFE, 25mm, 0.45µm, 200pk
SF120T Syringe Filters w/ Prefilter-PTFE,25mm, 0.2µm,200pk
SF145T Syringe Filters w/ Prefilter-PTFE,25mm,0.45µm,200pk
SF200T Syringe Filter-UltraClean for Metals, 25mm, 2µm, 200pk


Are there non-disposable options for syringe filters? A threaded assembly that houses a filter, which can be disassembled, washed, and the filter replaced?

We do not offer items of this description. All our syringe filters are intended to be single use.

May I use the filters (SF1070G) as an inline filter for VOC suggested in method 1311? As well, may I use these filters for filtering a small portion of liquid sample for VOC analysis method 1311

These filters do fit the specifications for method 1311. Typically, samples for VOC analysis are tumbled in a zero headspace extractor that has a filter already in it. If additional filtration is required this filter could be used provided adequate measures are employed to protect the sample from losing VOC\'s through exposure to open air.

In a paper it mentioned: The Tefon scafolding was removed from a PTFE flter (Catalog No. SF200T,EnvironmentalExpress). I wanted to ask what did they mean by removing teflon scafolds? Thanks

I am unsure what that could refer to. We do not use that term in any of our products. If you could send a copy or link to the paper to info@envexp.com we will review it and see if we can figure out what they might mean.

Does SF012G have a Lot number?

It does. All boxes of syringe filters should have the lot number printed on the label on the outside of the box.

Where can I receive a certificate of analysis for SF012G?

This product is not certified for any background contaminant levels and does not come with a certificate of analysis.

How can we find the certificate of analysis for SF045N (Nylon syringe filters)

This product does not have a COA associated with it.

Does SF012G have a binder?

It does not have a binder. This syringe filter contains the same filter material used in our ProWeigh filter lines. Namely 1.5 micron glass fiber filter without binder.

how uniform are the pores of this filter type?

Nylon filter papers are defined as having absolute pore ratings. This means that >99.8% of spherical particles of the pore size will be retained by the filter.

What syringes work with these filters?

Our syringe filters fit both slip leur and leur lock syringes. You can find them in our Disposable Syringes section under Syringe Filters in Chromatography.

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