Can you buy just the filters without the plungers?

No, this product only comes as a set of filters and plungers together.

Needing Certificate of Analysis for FilterMate, PTFE - SC0401 Lot# 150304C2-0264-TF

SC0401 is not a certified product. If you need certification for a comparable item you will need to purchase SC0408.

What is the pore size of the SC0408 PTFE Certified Filter

This filter has a 6.0 micron pore size.

Is there a c of a with the plunger filters item no: SC0401

This is not one of our certified items. It does not come with a COA.

Do the SC0404 filtermate filters come with the 50ml tubes/ plungers? If not, can you give me an item number for the tubes/plungers to order (could\'t find on website)

SC0404 and all other FilterMate products come with the plungers to move the filter down through the sample tube. The tubes are not included in the that part number. Use part number UC475-NL for the tubes.

The last pack of filters we got did not have a certificate of analysis. The filters we have are item # SC0408. The lot # is 71222758-8065-N. Where can we get one.

Our certificates of analysis are located at http://www.envexp.com/coa. Select “FilterMates” -> \"SC0408\" -> Find your lot number. The first group of eight digits is the one you will reference.

Do you sell the filters separately?

We do have PTFE filters available for purchase. The specific diameter filter that comes in the FilterMate is not a size available for a separate purchase.

Is the FilterMate SC0409 including the 50ml digestion cup?

The SC0409 does not include 50 mL digestion cups. These would need to be purchased separately.


Yes, plungers are supplied with the FilterMate filters.

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