does the advantec 5c filter come in bigger sizes

We offer the N05C filter in several sizes ranging from 7 - 18.5 cm. See the search results here - http://www.envexp.com/component/search/?searchword=N05C&ordering=&searchphrase=all

Is this filter equivalent to a Whatman 4 Cat: No: 1004 150

This filter is equivalent to a Whatman Grade 602.

Can you please provide more information for this product (Item No.: F150200 - Filters - Qualitative Filter Paper, 150mm, 100pk)? There is literally nothing else on your website besides that title.

This is a 1.5um qualitative filter. It has a low ash content of 0.06%. It is a slow flowing filter designed to retain fine particles in qualitative analysis. It is Ahlstrom Grade 610 (Whatman Grade 602) and is widely used for water analysis, biological products, and fine precipitates such as cold-precipitated barium sulfate. It is also used in Buchner funnels and to clarify cloudy suspensions.

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