ProWeigh® Filters - Solids Testing

ProWeigh®  Filters - Solids Testing

Environmental Express has all of your filter supplies for Solids testing. We have a wide range of products from raw, unprepared, borosilicate, 1.5 µm, glass fiber filters to Washed & Dried filters to fully prepared ProWeigh® and DoubleWeigh filters. All of our filters are laser cut to ensure filter material isn't lost during testing. 

Our ProWeigh® and DoubleWeigh filters are a time-saving and accurate way to perform Total and Volatile Suspended Solids. Use of prepared filters significantly reduces hands-on preparation time in your lab. Listed in Standard Methods since 1997, these filters are fully prepared according to method. Each filter is placed in an aluminum pan, which are labeled with weights in print and barcode formats. ProWeigh® filters are approved for Method 2540C: Total Dissolved Solids, Method 2540D: Total Suspended Solids, and Method 2540E: Fixed and Volatile Solids. To use ProWeighs, simply remove a filter from its pan, place it on a filter funnel and filter your sample. After filtration is complete place the ProWeigh® filter back in its pan and dry in an oven for final weight determination.

ProWeigh Product Chart

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To determine time and cost savings in your lab by switching to ProWeigh, you can download our ProWeigh Cost Calculator.

Borosilicate, 1.5 um Glass Fiber Filters - Unprepared

Item No. Description
FG85021MM Filters - Borosilicate GF, 21mm, 1.5µm, 100pk
FG85024MM Filters - Borosilicate GF, 24mm, 1.5µm, 100pk
FG85025MM Filters - Borosilicate GF, 25mm, 1.5µm, 100pk
FG85032MM Filters - Borosilicate GF, 32mm, 1.5µm, 100pk
FG85035MM Filters - Borosilicate GF, 35mm, 1.5µm, 100pk
FG85037MM Filters - Borosilicate GF, 37mm, 1.5µm 100pk
FG85043MM Filters - Borosilicate GF, 43mm, 1.5µm, 100pk
FG85047MM Filters - Borosilicate GF, 47mm, 1.5µm, 100pk
FG85055MM Filters - Borosilicate GF, 55mm, 1.5µm, 100pk
FG85070MM Filters - Borosilicate GF, 70mm, 1.5µm, 100pk
FG85090MM Filters - Borosilicate GF, 90mm, 1.5µm, 100pk
FG85102MM Filters - Borosilicate GF, 102mm, 1.5µm, 100pk
FG85110MM Filters - Borosilicate GF, 110mm, 1.5µm, 100pk
FG85125MM Filters - Borosilicate GF, 125mm, 1.5µm, 100pk
FG85142MM Filters - Borosilicate GF, 142mm, 1.5µm, 100pk
FG85150MM Filters - Borosilicate GF, 150mm, 1.5µm, 100pk
FG85185MM Filters - Borosilicate GF, 185mm, 1.5µm, 100pk

DoubleWeigh Filters for TSS

Item No. Description
F93447MM-X DoubleWeigh Filters for TSS, 47mm, 100pk
F93476MM-X DoubleWeigh Filters for TSS, 76mm, 100pk
F93490MM-X DoubleWeigh Filters for TSS, 90mm, 100pk


Is there a way to use the box ID to find the full lot numbers of the filter paper?

There is not. The box ID will allow you to download the filter weight data, but that only contains the raw material lot number. The rest of the production lot number containing the date of manufacture and the operator/robot ID\'s are on a label on the box.

Does this specific item have a Certificate of Analysis available? Thank you.

Please go to this link, http://www.envexp.com/coa,and select Solids then ProWeigh Filters. We certify this product based on the filter paper lot number.

I am looking for certificate of analysis for TSS filters lot # 6000023-9291

Go to http://www.envexp.com/coa. From there select Solids->ProWeigh Filters->ProWeigh_CofA_Environmental-Express_Jun2019_Lot_600023.pdf

I see these proweigh filters have a barcode. Do you have a scanner for these?

We do not offer a barcode scanner. Our products use standard barcode encoding that is readable by any standard scanner. It comprises two separate entries, one for the mass and one for the ID. The destination of the scan will need to be programmed to parse these out properly into two separate fields.

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