1,000 ppm, 100mL Volume

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Aluminum Standards

Item No. Description
HP10001-1100 SE Standard, Aluminum, 1000ppm, 100mL - HAZARDOUS
HP10001-2-100 SE Standard - Aluminum 1000ppm 100mL - HAZARDOUS

Antimony Standards

Item No. Description
HP10002-2100 SE Standard, Antimony, 1000ppm, 100mL - HAZARDOUS
HP10002-3100 SE Standard, Antimony, 1000ppm, 100mL - HAZARDOUS
HP10002-8-100 SE Standard - Antimony 1000ppm 100mL - HAZARDOUS

Arsenic Standards

Item No. Description
HP10003-1100 SE Standard, Arsenic, 1000ppm, 100mL - HAZARDOUS
HP10003-2-100 SE Standard - Arsenic 1000ppm 100mL - HAZARDOUS
HP10003-6100 SE Standard, Arsenic+3, 1000ppm, 100mL - HAZARDOUS
HP10003-7100 SE Standard, Arsenic+5, 1000ppm, 100mL - HAZARDOUS

Barium Standards

Item No. Description
HP10004-1100 SE Standard, Barium, 1000ppm, 100mL - HAZARDOUS
HP10004-2-100 SE Standard - Barium 1000ppm 100mL - HAZARDOUS

Beryllium Standards

Item No. Description
HP10005-1100 SE Standard, Beryllium, 1000ppm, 100mL - HAZARDOUS
HP10005-2-100 SE Standard - Beryllium 1000ppm 100mL - HAZARDOUS

Bismuth Standards

Item No. Description
HP10006-1100 SE Standard, Bismuth, 1000ppm, 100mL - HAZARDOUS
HP10006-2-100 SE Standard - Bismuth 1000ppm 100mL - HAZARDOUS

Boron Standards

Item No. Description
HP10007-4100 SE Standard, Boron, 1000ppm, 100mL - HAZARDOUS

Cadmium Standards

Item No. Description
HP10008-1100 SE Standard, Cadmium, 1000ppm, 100mL - HAZARDOUS
HP10008-2-100 SE Standard - Cadmium 1000ppm 100mL - HAZARDOUS

Calcium Standards

Item No. Description
HP10009-1100 SE Standard, Calcium, 1000ppm, 100mL - HAZARDOUS
HP10009-2-100 SE Standard - Calcium 1000ppm 100mL - HAZARDOUS


How to download Certificate of analysis of your product

Many of our COA\'s can be found at this link - http://www.envexp.com/coa. If you don\'t find what you are looking for send an email to info@envexp.com. Please include the item number and the lot number.

Is this product made with Nitric acid or NaOH?

This standard does not have any preservative. It is made from the salt (NH4)2SiF6.

Are the Metals Standards ISO 9001 certified?

The standards are produced by a ISO 9001 accredited manufacturer. We are not the manufacturer and private label these standards. If you need the ISO certification with it you will need to request that at the time of order.

What is the average shelf-life before expiration after receiving the product?

Our typical metals standard has an 18 month shelf life. This starts from the day it is shipped out of our facility.

Do these bottles come in a TCT (Transpiration Control Technology) Bag?

TCT is a product/process that has been designed by Inorganic Ventures. Our bottles are shipped to comply with US DOT regulations and to ensure that the product you receive is of the quality you expect.

Hello. When diluting this standard for use with EPA 7473 method should it be diluted with 2% HNO3 or another preservative? How long is it stable at that point? Thank you.

The mercury standard has a 2% HNO3 matrix. I would keep the matrix 2% HNO3 with any and all dilutions that you make to keep everything consistent. These dilutions are considered working standards and should be made fresh daily.

Need MSDS in pdf format emailed to me for HP100012-7100

You can find the link to the MSDS sheet for this product here:\r\nhttp://www.envexp.com/download/techsupport/MSDS_Documents/1,000%20ppm%20Single%20Element%20Metals%20Standards/Cr+6_100012-7_A.pdf\r\n

Is this a second source.

By definition a second source is any standard that is prepared from a different starting material than your primary calibration standard. If your calibration standard did not come from Environmental Express this standard is a second source for you.

What would the expiration date be for any of the 1000 ppm standarards?

As a rule of thumb you can calculate the expiration date as 1 year from the ship date though there may be some exceptions due to stability of various elements.

Would it be possible to make these STD less than 1000ppm? I have 13 metals that I would need.

Yes, we can make a standard with any concentration and elements that you need. If you would like them all in one standard or in separate standards we can customize it to whatever fits your situation best. If you would like a quote on a custom standard please fill out the form located on our metals standards page and return it to your sales representative.

Is there a shelf life for HP1 3-1 (Arsenic 1PPM)? How often should the standard be replaced?

These standards come with an 18 month shelf life from the date shipped. All regulatory authorities require that standards not be used past the expiration date printed on the label.

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