Can I get a quote for HPM-SCS100, ICP-MS Standard 100ml please?

Send an email to orders@envexp.com to request a quote.

Can the ICP-MS Stards A & AB be run on an ICP-OES?

Yes, you can use the standard on an ICP-OES.

How do we evaluate the results obtained from the analysis of the ICP MS intererence Check soln A and AB whwn analysing water samples

The interference check solutions are designed to provide interelement correction factors for interfering levels of different elements. The method you are using should give specific instructions on using and applying these correction factors. Some instruments have the capability built in to apply them via the software. Others require manual correction by the user. Check your instrument manuals on how to proceed.

How is this standard used in ICP-OES analysis?

This is an interference check standard so should be run to ensure that your instrument can overcome high levels of one element and still be able to detect low levels of another at the detection limit you need. Refer to Method 6010 for further information on this.

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