Is it possible to have a custom multi element standard produced? If so, what volumes are available?

Yes, we can make custom blends according to your specifications. Generally we offer 100 mL, 250 mL and 500 mL bottles. Sometimes 1000 mL bottles can be made.\r\nNavigate to this page (http://www.envexp.com/products/2-Metals/AS-Metals_Standards) and scroll to the bottom for a link to a form that you can download and send to us with your request.

This list has potassium (K) on it twice. Is the second K suppose to be P for phosphorus?

No, that is a typo resulting from inconsistently arranging the list alphabetically by element name and symbol. Lead (Pb) was listed twice as well. The list has been corrected now.

ICP standard QCS-27 has been replaced by cat number QCS-27-100, I used to also order standard cat number ICQ100-27 and I need to know if this standard has been discontinued?

Our product ICQ100-27 remains the same as it has been. It is still available.

I need ICQ100-7 with Ag at 50ppm, the other six analytes as they are. Is this possible?

Yes, this should be possible. Please contact your sales representative to submit a custom standard request. They will be able to give you pricing and the necessary lead time of the standard.

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