Incremental Sampling Method

Incremental Sampling Method Product Lines:

One of the problems in sampling, processing, and analyzing soil samples is obtaining an aliquot that is representative of the sample area from which it was obtained. Samples collected in duplicate are generally heterogeneous and generate inconsistent data within the sample collection area. Incremental Sampling Methodology (ISM) is a sampling and processing protocol that is designed to reduce data variability and increase sample representativeness for the soil under investigation. ISM helps obtain a single aliquot of soil that is representative of the total defined sample area. Generally this means taking multiple, smaller aliquots of soil and compositing into one manageable sample. This will, however, usually mean the laboratory will be dealing with larger sized aliquots than they are used to in typical EPA soil digestion methods.

Environmental Express has developed equipment and consumables specific to the ISM sampling and analysis protocol for metals digestion. The consumables consist of a 250mL digestion vessel (SC425) and a post-digestion filtration device (FF25045E or FF25045T). These products can be used with the Environmental Express HotBlock® lines. 

Contact your technical sales representative or our technical support division for options on custom HotBlocks for the ISM digestion method.

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