ISM Filtration Cups

Incremental Sampling Method (ISM) Filtration Systems

Environmental Express' large volume filtration devices provide a non-sterile, low-metals option for the laboratory. These devices allow for easy vacuum filtration into a disposable 250mL sample container (SC425) which can be capped and stored for future use or used as a digestion vessel in an Environmental Express HotBlock. Filtration devices come with a 0.45µm PTFE or 0.45µm PES filter. Other filter options are available upon request based on your application. Metals Digestion EquipmentDigestion Cups & AccessoriesMetals Filtration DevicesMetals StandardsPump TubingLearn More about Try Something New

Incremental Sampling Method (ISM) Systems

Item No. Description
FF25045E Filters-Funnel, 250mL w/ 0.45µm PES Filter + PF, 48pk
FF25045T Filters-Funnel, 250mL w/ 0.45µm PTFE Filter + PF, 48pk