We have always done a heated soak of our digestion cups (10% nitric for 1-2 hours), then rinse and storage until we use them. Good or bad idea?

We have many customers following a similar procedure with their digestion vessels. It can help to rid the cups of any background metals that may have accumulated during shipping and storage. This will not damage the product in any way. If it gives you the performance you need there is no reason to discontinue the practice.

Would it be possible to get a sample of the ultimate clean cup to test it out? Thanks in advance. Dr. Herrmann

Because of the unique packaging for the Ultimate Clean Cup we are unable to package samples of this product.

My name is Susan MacDonald and would like a sample of the ultimate clean cup for digestion volume 100mls. The address is 1295 Fred Morin Road Herndon, VA 20170

The Ultimate Clean Cup is only available in 50 mL volumes. We do not send samples of this product as it is a premium product and we also don’t have a way of ensuring that samples will arrive with the same cleanliness stated on the COA.

The material that the UCC000-50 are made from- need info for UCMR4, assuming caps included?

This product, including the caps, is made from the same polypropylene resin that our previous SC475 and current UC475 product is made from.

Do these come with a certificate for Class A volume accuracy?

Class A certification only applies to glassware, not plastic. The Ultimate Clean Cup is made of polypropylene. All of our digestion cups come with a Certificate of Analysis stating the background metals levels for 68 elements and that all of our graduation lines are tested for volume accuracy according to ASTM E542-01. The volume accuracy was found to be within the Class A tolerances set forth in ASTM 1272-02.

How does this compare in ppb to your digestion vessels with the green lids?

On average, it is anywhere from a 2 to 10 times reduction in background concentration.

We purchased a digestion block for 15mL tubes. Will these Clean Cups be available in that size in the future? Thanks!

We currently only are capable of manufacturing Ultimate Clean cups in 50 mL volumes. We may be able to do 15 mL cups in the future but there is no timeline or any projected launch dates available.

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