GhostWipes for Lead/Be Testing

GhostWipes for Lead/Be Testing

This revolutionary product eases sample preparation and analysis of surface lead or beryllium dust. The GhostWipe is a sturdy wiping material that holds together even on the roughest wiping surfaces. At the lab the Ghost Wipe readily and completely dissolves during the digestion process, providing more complete dispersion of analytes and more uniform recoveries. In addition, there is no messy fibrous material in the sample to clog the sample uptake capillary or nebulizer. GhostWipes meet all ASTM Designation E1792 and D7707 specifications for sampling materials for lead and beryllium in surface dust.

Wipes are 15cm x 15cm, pre-moistened with deionized water and come in individually sealed packets.

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100 mL Digestion Cups

Item No. Description
SC490 100mL Digestion Cups with Screw Caps, 225pk

250 mL Digestion Vessel

Item No. Description
SC425 250mL Digestion Vessel with Screw Cap, 180pk

50 mL Ultimate Clean™ Cup

Item No. Description
UCC000-50 Ultimate Clean Cup - 50mL, 6 x 25pks

Sampling Supplies

Item No. Description
C1010 Dust Sampling Template, 10cm x 10cm, 250pk
C1012 Dust Sampling Template, 30cm x 30cm, 100pk
SC4200 GhostWipes, individual sealed, 15cmx15cm, 200pk
SC4210 GhostWipes, individual sealed, 15cm x 15cm, 500pk
SC4250 GhostWipes, individual sealed, 15cm x 15cm, 1000pk
SC4250BE Be GhostWipes, individually sealed, 2" x 2.75",1000pk
SC4252 Lead Wipe Standard in 50mL Rigid Walled Cup, 10pk
SC4280 Dry GhostWipes, 8"x10", 100pk

UltimateCup™ - 50mL Digestion Cups

Item No. Description
UC475-GN UltimateCup™ - 50mL, Green Cap, 500pk
UC475-NL UltimateCup™ - 50mL, Natural Linerless Cap, 500pk
UC475-WH UltimateCup™ - 50mL, White Cap, 500pk


what is background level of lead on wipes?

We test each lot of material and certify them to be less than 1 microgram of lead per wipe.

We use your ghost wipes made of polyvinyl alcohol, but are wondering if there is also a product made of polyvinyl acetate.

We only have the wipes made of PVA.

What is the difference between Ghost wipe for testing lead in dust vs testing beryllium in dust. We currently utlise The blue ghost wipe (meeting ASTM E 1792) for screening metals in dust including Be

The beryllium GhostWipe is smaller than the lead GhostWipe. ASTM D 7707 specifies the dimensions of a wipe to be used for taking samples for the analysis of Be in dust and ASTM E1792 does the same for Pb samples. \r\nWe only test these products for Pb and Be. You may encounter fluctuations in the background levels of other metals.

What is the composition of the Ghost Wipes used for Lead Analysis?

GhostWipes are made of polyvinylalcohol.

Does this product have an expiration date?

This product has a printed expiration date of 36 months from the date of manufacture.

I\'m using SC 475 Digestion Vessel and Caps. Do they need to be washed and rinse before use? Can they be use straight out of the box?

This product is intended to be used right out of the box with not preliminary prep work needed.

What material are ghost wipes made out of?

GhostWipes are made of polyvinylalcohol.

what is shipping dimension & weight for 1 pk of 500 ghost wipes?

This will ship in a 15x11x8\" (or similar) box and has a shipping weight of approximately 6-7 lbs.

Do dust wipes expire and why?

The GhostWipe is packaged with enough deionized water on the wipe to properly collect dust from the surface to be wiped. The expiration date is to guard against loss of water through the packaging.

What is the recommended Digestion conditions for complete digestion of the Wipe (i.e., Temperature, Acidic Content, Acid Identity)

We recommend following methods designed for the analysis of residue on wipes, such as ASTM E-1664. We have a version of that method scaled to fit in our HotBlock in the HotBlock user manual. The manual can be downloaded at http://www.envexp.com/product-manuals.

Are ghost wipes sterile/lint free?

The GhostWipe is not a sterile material. The dry GhostWipe may leave lint behind when wiped on a surface. The pre-moistened ones are intended to collect surface particulates and does not leave any lint behind.

what is the shelf-life of this?

36 months.

Why is there an expiration date on the package? What if I use \'expired\' wipes?

The GhostWipe packaging contains DI water to keep the wipe damp. This allows it to pick up dust particles on the surface being sampled. The expiration date pertains to the DI water and the package integrity. Using a product after the expiration date would be the same as using any other reagent after a listed expiration date. It may be possible to achieve accurate results but they would be called into question due to the listed expiration date having passed.

Can ghost wipe SC4250 detect fire soot in the pores of travertine pavers 1 week and 8 weeks after the fire

The GhostWipe does not have any detection or analytical properties. It is merely a wetted material that can pick up dust sized particles from surfaces. The wipe and collected particles must be analyzed via additional methodology specific to the targeted compound(s).

Concentrated Nitric Acid digestion - are the wipes suitable for conc nitric acid digestion with heat? as in the MSDS it states incompatible with nitrates?

These wipes are suitable for use with nitric acid digestion. The SDS incompatibility is only in reference to the storage of the product. Exposure to oxidizing agents will cause a decomposition of the wipe material, rendering it unsuitable for use.

what size do the wet wipe come in?

The GhostWipe measures 15 cm x 15 cm.

Do GhostWipes have an expiration date?

Yes, they do have an expiration date. The shelf life is 36 months from the time of manufacture. The expiration date for each wipe is embossed on the edge of the wrapper.

Hello, do GhostWipes have expiration dates? Thank you!

Yes, GhostWipes do have an expiration date. The expiration date is the date up to which we certify that the GhostWipe will retain its wetness in its packaging. It is embossed on the edge of each individual packet of GhostWipe. You may need to use a pencil to color the embossing to make the date more visible.

Are GhostWipes are for dust only? E.g. If I have a painted surface which is not degraded (no flaking, etc), even if it\'s lead paint, GhostWipe should not detect lead, correct?

The GhostWipes are for surface testing. If there is any loose material, even what might not normally be considered large enough to be ‘dust’, it will get picked up on the GhostWipe. A positive result in the circumstance you describe indicates that the lead in the paint is mobile and can potentially be transferred through surface contact.

Can these templates be used for PCB wipe sampling?

Yes, the EPA recommends that for PCB testing on non-porous surface samples, a standard wipe test, as specified in 40 CFR 761.123, uses a 10 cm by 10 cm (or equivalent that equals 100 cm2) template to outline the sample area and a gauze pad or glass wool that has been saturated with hexane to collect the sample.

What digestion method/procedure is recommended for digesting Ghost Wipes? Is a simple nitric acid digestion adequate or should aqua regia be used?

Please visit our Product Manual Download page and download the file ‘HotBlock Manual 08.2016.pdf’. In it you will find a procedure that outlines the digestion of GhostWipes.

What is the ghost wipe made of and moistened with? Is it safe for a nursing mother to handle the wipe itself? Are the wipes themselves non toxic?

GhostWipes are made of polyvinyl alcohol and are moistened with Deionized Water. They are non-toxic and safe for everyone to handle prior to sampling.

Do these have an expiration on them?

Yes, GhostWipes do have an expiration date. The expiration date is the date up to which we certify that the GhostWipe will retain its wetness in its packaging. It is embossed on the edge of each individual packet of GhostWipe. You may need to use a pencil to color the embossing to make the date more visible.

Can ghost wipes be used after the expire date if still wet?

The expiration date is the date up to which we certify that the GhostWipe will retain its wetness in its packaging. The wipes may retain their wetness past this date depending upon storage conditions and other factors. You can use them past the expiration date as long as they are still wet and if you don’t have to worry about an auditor citing you for using them.

do you offer a reusable template in this same size?

We do not offer any resuable templates. We recommend disposable templates to prevent any possible transfer of contaminants from one sample area to another.

what material is C1010 made of? Is it autoclavable?

This dust sampling template is made of paper. It is a disposable template designed for single use and then discarded.

Are expired wipes still good to use?

The expiration date is the date up to which we certify that the GhostWipe will retain its wetness in its packaging. The wipes may retain their wetness past this date depending upon storage conditions and other factors. You can use them past the expiration date as long as they are still wet and if you don’t have to worry about an auditor citing you for using them.

Why do Ghost Wipes have an expiration date?

The expiration date is the date up to which we certify that the GhostWipe will retain its wetness in its packagaing.

Can ghost wipes be used for PCB analysis?

The GhostWipes are made of a polyvinyl alcohol. Therefore, when digested and analyzed, you will see isopropanol and related alcohol peaks. As long as your Aroclor/PCB does not elute around the same time as the alcohols, then you should be good. You can always run a blank GhostWipe and see its contribution to your chromatograph.

Are these dry ghost wipes in individually sealed packets?

These are not individually sealed. We do offer SC4210 and SC4250 which are individually packaged.

How much DI water do you use per wipe? (for dilution calculation)

Each wipe contains between 3.2-3.5 grams of DI water.

Do you sell 10X10 cm reusable plastic template? Thank you!

We do not sell reusable plastic templates. We sell the disposable templates in an effort to eliminate the possibility of contaminant transfer between sampling areas.

How much does a 15 cm x 15 cm ghost wipe weigh?

The GhostWipes come premoistened with DI water in their packaging. Out of the packet a GhostWipe typically has a mass of 4.5-5.0 g. A dry GhostWipe will be 3.5-4.0 g.

What is the shelf life of a indiviually sealed wipe?

The wipes have a shelf life of 3 years. We do not ship anything with less than 1 year remaining to its expiration date.

Is C1010 special paper in regard to paper characteristics i.e acid free or 100% cotton?.

This template is not made from any specialty grade paper.

Can Ghost Wipes be used to sample a wall for asbestos?

The GhostWipe is not compatible with the current methods of counting fibers to detect asbestos. The wipe has its own fiber contribution and has not been evaluated in conjunction with the procedure for asbestos analysis.

can ghost wipes be stored in area where temperatures fall below freezing

We do not have any specific storage requirements for the GhostWipe. Make sure that the wipe comes back to above freezing before use. This will ensure that the DI water packaged in the wipe will properly moisten the material to pick up the intended particulate material.

What are effective solutions and methods for disolving ghost wipes?

The GhostWipe was designed to be used with ASTM E1792. This method calls for a heated acid digestion. NIOSH method 7082 is also used in digesting wipe samples. This method also uses a heated acid digestion. An adaptation of this method can be found in the HotBlock manual.

What is the background level of metals on ghost wipes, particularly Pb, Li and F?

We do not test the GhostWipes for any elements outside of Pb and Be. These metals will be below the detection limits required in ASTM E1792 and ASTM D7707. If you need to know the background levels of other elements you will need to perform a baseline test on a per lot basis.

What is the country of origin of the ghost wipes? I need to know because we are working in Canada and customs requires this information. Thank you.

The GhostWipe originates in the USA.

Is this producted tested and guaranteed to contain Pb, Ba, Be, Cd, Cr, Cu, Se, Zn and As below a certain concentration? Thanks

We perform testing on the GhostWipe for Pb and Be only according to ASTM methodologies. The background levels are etals. To determine the appropriate background levels you would need to test a statistically significant number of blank wipes. The average and standard deviation of those results will allow you to determine the suitability of the wipe for your purposes. Those results will be valid for that lot of wipes only.

are the sc475 tubes compatible for use with chloroform?

The cups are made of polypropylene. This material has limited compatibility with chloroform at room temperature. As the temperature rises the compatibility decreases significantly.

Do ghost wipes meet ASTM D7707 specifications?

The Beryllium GhostWipe, SC4250BE, meets the specifications set forth in D7707.

how much does a GhostWipe weigh?

One dry Ghostwipe has a mass of 1.0-1.1 g.

Are the Ghost Whipes made in the USA?

Yes, the GhostWipes are made in the USA.

Can i use ghost wipes to clean my furniture as regular cleaning wipes?

Depending on the desired results these wipes may be of limited use in cleaning purposes. The wipe is moistened with DI water to facilitate the collection of loose particles on surfaces. It could potentially leave behind water marks on wood and does not have any special cleaning properties.

What is the standard digestion method for lead dust?

The test method you should use depends entirely on the scope of the analysis. If the analysis is for a regulatory purpose you should consult with that specific agency to determine what method they require. If this is for research type purposes there are a few different methods that can be used. The EPA suggests using methods out of SW-846 for digestion of solid samples, such as Method 3050B or Method 3051A. There is also an ASTM method designed specifically for this purpose - E1644 Practice for Hot Plate Digestion of Dust Wipe Samples for the Determination of Lead.

Can the ghostwipe be used to test a sulfuric acid tank for metals and cyanide?

The GhostWipe is designed to be used for dust sampling on surfaces for lead and beryllium. We do not test the wipe for the presence of any other contaminants. Some users have reported success in using the wipe for other metals. To do so, you would need to check each lot of wipes for background levels of your analytes of interest. Take as many wipes as you need for a good statistical evaluation (a minimum of 5-7 is recommended) and analyze them individually as blanks. Average the results of the contaminants that you have an interest in and use that as a background correction for future analyses with that lot. I do not know if cyanide will be adequately captured using the wipe procedure. The tank wall conditions will also affect the stability of the wipes. Depending on the amount and strength of acidic residue left on the inside of the tank you may experience some degradation of the wipe.

I still have the Ghost Wipe Cat#SC4210 bought April9,2009, which is expired already on Oct2012. Will it still be ok to use now? will the results still valid?

When using products for compliance with regulated methods all expiration dates must be observed to ensure valid results. The GhostWipe is moistened with reagent water to aid in picking up dust particles from the surface(s) of interest. The expiration date given is the length of time we know that the packaging will retain the required amount of moisture and the wipe will retain its needed durability to withstand the wiping process.

Do the GhostWipe for Beryllium also work for Lead?

Yes, the GhostWipes are the same material for both the regular and the beryllium version. The only difference in them is the size of the wipe. I believe the size is specified for each wipe testing procedure.

do the ghost wipes have an expiration date? SC4250

The GhostWipes have an expiration date of 2.5 years (30 months) from the date of manufacture.

Can we use the Ghost Wipe to collect for Cr6 analysis? OSHA has stated that these should not be used for this anaysis.GW is not made up w/MCE fibers? MSDS doesn\'t show this

The GhostWipe is intended for use in lead and beryllium testing. As such, these are the only two metals for which we do background testing and issue certifications of cleanliness. If you wish to test for other materials it would be your responsibility on a per lot basis to test and decide if the GhostWipe would provide an appropriate level of detection for you. We have had other customers report successful use of the GhostWipe for other metals, including chromium. If your local authorities state that they are not appropriate for what you want, there is not much we can do to counter that. The wipes are made of polyvinyl alcohol and do not contain MCE.

Can you use ghost wipes for mercury?

While the mechanism of the Ghost Wipe is suitable for sampling many different surface contaminants, the Ghost Wipes were developed specifically for the sampling of lead and beryllium. We only certify the background levels of these two metals for each lot. To determine the suitability of the Ghost Wipe for an analyte other than the two certified you would need to conduct your own testing per lot for background levels.

What digestion procedure was used in your lab?

We used a method following HUD (Housing and Urban Development) guidelines for Lead in Dust Wipes Appendix A-5.0 which references NIOSH 7082. 10 mL of DI water is added to the container with the wipe. Then 2 mL each of hydrochloric and nitric acid are added. The sample is digested at 95 C for 45 minutes. After digestion and cooling, the sample is brought up to 50 mL with DI water. It is now ready for analysis.

Can your Ghost Wipe sample be for mercury?

We do not certify the Ghost Wipes for any metals other than Lead and Beryllium. In order to determine the appropriateness for any other metal, you would need to do your own validation study. If you would like we can send you a sample pack of the Ghost Wipes that you can test for mercury levels as blanks. This will give you an idea of if the background amounts are below your needed detection limits. You would need to do a similar study for each new lot of wipes that you receive. If you would like the sample pack, please call in to any of our technical help lines or sales lines for assistance.

are the checmicals on the wipe safe on human skin ? Can you use them on face and hands as a sanitizer ?

The Ghost Wipes are pre-moistened with deionized water which is certainly safe for contact on human skin. There are no other chemicals in the solution.

Cost of 500 x SC475 vessels?

Please contact sales@envexp.com for all pricing inquiries.

can I order the SC475 w/o the screw caps?

Our 50mL digestion vessels, cat# SC475, can be ordered without the caps. The catalog number is SC474 and pricing is based on volume as follows: 1-2 $100, 3-5 $97, 6-9 $92, 10+ $87.

Do these wipes come dry or wet?

The wipes are wetted with DI water and each wipe is contained in a foil pack

Do you have a lead wipe standard like SC4252 but in a 100ml rigid wall container?

This is something we could do for you. Please contact me at 800-343-5319 or joeb@envexp.com.\r\nJoe Boyd

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